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Business services

The benefits at a glance

A concrete expression of the risks to which your business is exposed

A knowledge of all of the facets of the business services sector

A wide-ranging customer network within the business services sector


Tailored advice on risks

Major expectations

The quality of the business services which you provide may be decisive for your customers' profitability. This is why they expect a good deal of you. Although this may present opportunities for your business, it may also exacerbate your risks. We can see that the importance of proper contract and credit management is growing in the business services sector. Consider the drafting of clearly stipulated general terms and conditions and terms of delivery, effective trade debt management and credit insurance.

Every opportunity that you see also carries a risk with it. Talented staff may fall sick and valuable data or information files may be hacked. Risk management is the art of reducing risks while capitalising on opportunities.

Our services

Our consultants are familiar with all of the facets of the business services sector. They are able to express the risks to which your organisation is exposed in concrete terms quickly and carefully. How can they do this? Thanks to a large customer network within your sector, we are able to produce benchmarks and to provide you with tailored advice on risks. This enables you to do what you are good at: doing business. 

What market developments do we see and what can we do for you? In this respect consider developments, such as the constant tightening of legislation regulations, and growing vulnerability as a result of digitisation. Based on an extensive risk analysis, we can identify your risks and can offer you a bespoke solution. This solution may consist of a combination of resources, such as preventive measures and insurance policies for loss and liability. In addition to this, you may consider contract and credit management or the preparation of a business continuity plan. In this way we can help you to manage your risks and to secure your business continuity.

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