Insurance for business professionals

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Insurance for business professionals

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We are VLC & Partners: the personal partner for insurance advice, risk analyzes and consultancy. We are happy to stand next to you: because you are that business professional who always looks further and realizes ambitions. We love this mentality of 'doing'! We offer the right insight for the most diverse challenges. Experience the power of attention with an extensive introduction and our open mindset. This way we offer the best support, tailored to your wishes. Because we have all the knowledge in-house, but only advise the bare essentials. That makes us a reliable and innovative partner.

Risks and insurance

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Experience professional support that is personally tailored to your needs. We are the firm, solid foundation on which you can freely and safely realize your ambition.

Insurance for business professionals


Insurance, custom products, liability, consultancy, practice transfers or life insurance.


With an extremely diverse team in the field of liability, legal profession and notary, you can count on to-the-point advice.

  • The risk scan


    We would like to get to know you and your company. Where do you want to be tomorrow? Together we look at your business risks and insurance.

  • your risk manager knows how


    The most suitable solutions for your liability, disability and death risk.

  • without surprises


    We make sure that you can always rely on our expertise for business professionals.