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About us

VLC & Partners is the Dutch advisor for risk management, private insurance, absenteeism and pensions for companies, entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals. 
With personal attention, we use our expertise for more insight and security. Where others do not know the way, our risk experts go further. 
Every day, we work with more than 450 professionals to increase opportunities and reduce risks so that the Netherlands may continue to do business. 
The focus is on exploring, preventing and - where necessary - insuring risks. 

Our consultants place their in-depth knowledge of and experience in the field of risk management at the disposal of business clients. We also have the best advisers in house for private insurance, specific insurance advice and financial planning for wealthy private individuals, directors-cum-major shareholders, and business and medical professionals.

In addition, we constantly seek ties with specialists outside our company. For instance, we have recently incorporated case management into our services with the aim of providing employers with support in relation to public and private income security and of achieving savings on unnecessary expenses pertaining to sickness and occupational incapacity.


Our underwriting business: Chabot Assuradeuren

Chabot Assuradeuren is an underwriting business which acts as an authorised agent on behalf of a number of insurance companies. Chabot Assuradeuren is a full subsidiary of VLC & Partners B.V. This underwriting business works exclusively for us and, as such, acts as our principal insurer.

Our team

Our team of risk managers acts as a partner to our clients every day. We explore, avoid and, where necessary, insure all potential risks pertaining to the organisation, staff and business. In what way? We look through the eyes of our clients and, by doing so, see the risks as they are from a business owner’s perspective. Get to know our risk managers through the list below. A private introduction is preferable. Please call or email us to make an appointment.

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Stef Vermeulen

Stef Vermeulen

Riskmanagement International 06-55871435 stef.vermeulen@vlc-partners.nl