Risk management, care & omission, pension advice and insurance


Risk management, care & omission, pension advice and insurance

We explore, avoid and, where necessary, insure ... in this order.

Our consultants can secure the continuity of your business. In doing so we focus on business, staffing and entrepreneurial risks. Business that matters. As a trusted Risk Consultant, we stand alongside our clients to make businesses fit, enabling you to do what you are good at: doing business.

The 'do' mentality

We believe in daring opportunities and entrepreneurship. Our consultants understand what matters to you and are familiar with your market. This knowledge is reflected in our approach to risk management.

Risk management, care & omission, pension advice and insurance

Personal attention to ambition

We are the firm, solid foundation on which you can safely realize your ambition. Through personal contact, we only advise what is absolutely necessary.

Knowledge and expertise

We continue to deepen and expand our knowledge in collaboration with specialists outside our company in order to provide you with the best possible advice.

  • The risk scan



    Whether it concerns strategic absenteeism policy, pension planning, a risk inventory or company insurance. Our advisor discusses your wishes with you, by telephone or on location.

  • your risk manager knows how



    We look for the best possible solutions for you. How can we reduce your absenteeism through a vitality program, how can you remain an attractive employer with pension communication, or how can we look at business continuity so that you are back in business as soon as possible after an incident.

  • without surprises


    Carefree business

    Where necessary, we help you with a suitable insurance program so that you can do business carefree. Are there any problems? Then we provide professional support and guidance in handling your case or claim.