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Risk management and insurances for international business

Exploring new markets across borders is very common sense for many companies nowadays. Besides new exciting opportunities abroad you may also come across some complex matters, for example local laws, regulations, and insurances, that you may find difficult to deal with. We have the experience and knowledge to help you with these obstacles so that you can keep focusing on making your business and company successful abroad.

Worldwide insurance- and risk management consultancy services
We are well-experienced risk advisors, providing insurance and risk management consultancy services worldwide. We are operational in various industries: Trade, Business Services, ICT, Manufacturing, Logistics, Construction, and Leisure. Using our expertise, we help you to control the risks in foreign markets, allowing you to focus primarily on what you do best: running your business.

The obstacles that you come across abroad during setting up the insurance


Specific insurance rules per country which differ from the one you are familiar with, for example “cash before cover”. *A regulatory requirement found in particular countries whereby insurers will not guarantee any coverage until all related premium payments have been received from the insured. China, Taiwan, and Nigeria are all cash before cover jurisdictions.


Is a local insurance broker required and allowed to issue a policy?


Recommended/required coverages in a country, the local standards.


Mandatory local employee insurances: Workers' Compensation and Employers' Liability.

We advise you to pay attention to following subjects:



The starting point in all your business decisions: determine how you want to arrange your insurances abroad, make the decision that best suits your organisation.



Comply with local laws and regulations and think about the compulsory local insurances. We can help you to find out which and set up local insurances.


Control and insight

Keep the overview and control of the risks and the total costs locally vs. internationally.
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Cross-border insurance programs can be very complex. We can advise you on multi-hedging strategies to help you manage your risks on a global scale. Contact me for an introduction!