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Please contact our customer service

Below you will find all of the information that you may need clearly set out in one place, so that you can readily find what you would like to know and may continue with what you feel is important. If you still have a question, please contact us. 

Business advice Private advice

Zakelijk Den Haag: 070-302 22 22

Zakelijk Den Bosch: 073-692 46 57

073-692 47 73


Business claims Private claims

Claims Den Haag: 070-302 22 22

ClaimsDen Bosch: 073-692 47 57

Outside office hours: 070-314 54 64

(VLC & Partners alarm centre)

073- 692 46 47

Outside office hours: 070-314 54 64

(VLC & Partners alarm centre)

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Policy terms and conditions

If the policy terms and conditions which you seek are not here, please contact us.

File a claim immediately online

You may file an online claim here. You may also report absence through Verzuimsignaal. We provide both a claims form and an app for vehicle claims. You may file all of your other claims online or by telephone.

File a claim

Service documents

General terms and conditions

Here you will find the terms and conditions which govern all of our agreements and services.

Service documents


Here you will find our service documents and guide.

Insurance cards

Here you will find the insurance cards which the association of insurers has developed.

Frequently asked questions

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How do I get in contact?

Voor vestiging Den Bosch:

Particulier: (073) 692 47 73
Zakelijk: (073) 692 46 57

of e-mail:

Ons bezoekadres: Kantoorgebouw Riva, Statenlaan 8, 5223LA ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Ons postadres: Postbus 1999, 5200 BZ ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Voor vestiging Den Haag:

Zakelijk: (070) 302 22 22

of e-mail:

Het bezoekadres: Van Alkemadelaan 700, 2597 AW Den Haag

Ons postadres: Postbus 85511, 2508 CE Den Haag.

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