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Carefree on the road

Whether you travel daily in a vintage car or a few times a year in the latest SUV. Everything around transportation has specific risks. Our advisors look at your personal situation and assess the risks. So you are never over- or underinsured. A reassuring thought.


Our products:


Casco or full casco (all-risk) coverage


Your sports car properly insured


The best coverage for your youngtimer

Classic car

For vintage cars, we have developed a special classic car insurance. So that your car can be tailor-made insured

Mark Reus

Need meer information?

I am a specialist in insuring special cars (vintage, youngtimers and sports cars). I now insure a wide variety of cars every day together with our team. As petrolheads we like to think with you and we have a number of insurers who speak the same language. This is reflected in the premium, but also in the conditions in case of an unexpected damage.