Work and income
Work and income

Work and income

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Security for later

The course of work and income can take an unexpected turn. Our advisors will help you chart your current and future income and asset position. We offer the best solution for your personal circumstances. Security for later, arrange it now.


Our Products:


This insurance protects against damage caused to others or their property. It is essential for unforeseen events and covers various situations.

Legal Aid

Provides expert legal advice and support to individuals, essential for navigating complex legal issues.

Death risk

Provides financial security for families in the event of unforeseen death, essential for peace of mind.


Insures income support in the event of disability, critical to maintaining quality of life.

Financial planning

Helps individuals with wealth management and strategic financial planning for long-term stability and growth.


Provides a stable and reliable income stream after retirement, important for financial security.

DGA pension advice

Specialized retirement advice for director-major shareholders, focusing on optimal financial strategies for their unique situations.

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