Buildings and inventory

Buildings and inventory
Buildings and inventory insurance

Buildings and inventory insurance


Complete protection for your business

A business building and its inventory are foundations for the operation of your business. Damages, small or large, can have a significant impact on business continuity. VLC & Partners understands the importance of thorough insurance for these assets. Our buildings insurance, combined with inventory and property insurance, provides comprehensive coverage to protect your business against a variety of risks.

Building insurance: protection for your premises

Our buildings insurance covers damage to your premises caused by fire, lightning, explosion, water damage, burglary, and vandalism. In addition, it provides coverage for:

✓ Damage caused by storm and precipitation.

✓ Expertise, salvage, and cleanup costs.

✓ Cost of landscaping and planting, emergency provisions, and additional repair costs.

✓ Loss of rent for loss of income due to damage.

✓ Specific costs, such as salvage costs to mitigate the damage and expert assessment costs to determine the damage.


Inventory and property insurance: protection for your assets

In addition to the premises, your inventory is crucial. Our inventory and property insurance provides coverage against damage to business assets including computers and electronics due to:

  • Fire, explosion, burglary, vandalism, robbery, or collision.
  • Damage to property located outside the building on your own property.
  • Glass damage to your inventory.

Additional protection for computers and electronics

Although inventory and property insurance provides coverage for computers and electronics, sometimes the standard coverage can be too limited for the specific needs of your business. Computer and electronics insurance is then a valuable addition, covering not only hardware but also the cost of repairing damaged data.


Why choose VLC & Partners?

  • Independent and expert advice tailored to your business.
  • Top coverage with fast claims handling.
  • Customized solutions that offer the best protection for your premises and inventory.

Protecting your premises and inventory against unforeseen damage is essential for the continuity and success of your business. VLC & Partners' premises and inventory insurance provides a solid foundation for this protection, with the option for additional coverages tailored to the unique needs of your business.