Is your risk management regime geared to the speed of developments?

The benefits at a glance

A concrete expression of the risks to which your business is exposed

A knowledge of all of the facets of ICT

A wide-ranging customer network within the ICT sector


Tailored advice on risks

The ICT sector of innovation opportunities


Good ICT and hiring can be decisive for an organisation’s profitability. Your customers therefore expect a great deal of you. This offers opportunities but also increases your risks. For example, as an ICT company you run the risk of claims in the case of data loss and software bugs. Cloud computing and other online services also entail new security risks, such as that of cybercrime. Innovation and proper risk management are therefore important.

As an ICT business, you can provide added value by offering your customers reliable systems: some security against digital crime or crashes. Except that your customers are likely to hold you liable if anything goes wrong. How do you deal with this combination of risks and opportunities?


Our services in the ICT sector

Our consultants are familiar with all of the facets of the ICT sector. They are able to express the risks to which your organisation is exposed in concrete terms quickly and carefully. How can they do this? Thanks to a large customer network within your sector, we are able to produce benchmarks and to provide you with tailored advice on risks. This enables you to do what you are good at: doing business.

What market developments do we see and what can we do for you? In this respect consider developments such as the rising number of claims from critical customers, the growing vulnerability of data and the ever increasing dependence of systems. Based on an extensive risk analysis, we can identify your risks and can offer you a bespoke solution. This solution may consist of a combination of resources, such as preventive measures and insurance policies for loss and liability. In addition to this, you may consider contract and credit management or the preparation of a business continuity plan. In this way we can help you to manage your risks and to secure your business continuity.