Corporate Liability

Corporate Liability
Business liability insurance

Business liability insurance

Protection against entrepreneurial risks such as property damage


Protection against entrepreneurial risk

Business is about taking risks. But some risks you would prefer to have covered, such as liability for damages you, your employees, or your property cause to third parties. This can range from property damage to employee injury caused by a business accident. VLC & Partners' business liability insurance provides the necessary financial protection for these risks.

The importance of business liability insurance

Although not required by law, it is advisable for every business owner to obtain business liability insurance. After all, the financial consequences of liability can be significant and in some cases even threaten the continuity of your business.

Mandatory Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E).

An important aspect of business liability insurance is the obligation to have an RI&E. This document, which identifies and evaluates the risks within your company, is necessary not only for insurance purposes but also for safety within your company. The lack of an RI&E can lead to fines and affect your insurance coverage.


Insurance coverage

Business liability insurance covers damage:

✓ Caused by you or one of your employees to third parties.

✓ For which you are held liable as a business owner.

✓ Provided this damage is covered under the terms of your policy.

✓ This includes damage caused by temporary workers, interns, or volunteers. It insures your business against most forms of liability, from property damage to personal injury, providing crucial protection for your business.


Walk-in risk and specific cases

For existing companies taking out new liability insurance, it is important to realize that only damage caused after the effective date of the insurance is covered. Claims that occurred before the effective date but come to light later are normally not covered. However, the "walk-in risk" can be co-insured in certain cases, an important aspect to discuss with your insurance advisor.

Why choose VLC & Partners?

With corporate liability insurance from VLC & Partners, you are choosing a customized solution specifically tailored to the risks within your industry. Our experience and expertise in insuring businesses ensures that you get the right coverage, at a competitive premium, with the assurance that your business is protected from the financial consequences of liability claims.

Every SME entrepreneur does well to take liability risks seriously. Business liability insurance is part of your risk management strategy. Contact VLC & Partners for a personalized consultation and make sure your business is well protected against the unforeseen risks of entrepreneurship.