Credit Management
Credit Management

Credit Management

The risk of trade debtors who are late or fail to pay

The benefits at a glance

Improving your cash flow

Mitigation of your payment risks

Understanding with the aid of an analysis of the risks of debtor default

Trade debtors’ failure to pay reduces profitability


How can you ensure that you are paid, even in the case of insolvency? How do you manage trade debts effectively? And how do you obtain a clear overview of the creditworthiness of your actual and prospective customers? Through effective credit management it is possible to improve your cash flow and make substantial savings. Our consultants can help you set up and implement a sound credit management regime.


Reduce the risks of debtor default

With the appropriate Credit Management Solutions it is possible for you to reduce the risk of default of payment to a minimum and to optimise your internal processes. We provide advice and support for the purposes of prevention and risk mitigation. Prevention can avoid a great deal of the payment risks. This can be achieved by identifying and monitoring risks. Drawing up good terms of delivery also constitutes part of this. You can mitigate risks through active credit management, adequate complaints handling and the timely outsourcing of unpaid accounts receivable if necessary. Contact our Credit Management Consultants for more information and specialist advice.

CreditLine for small and medium-sized enterprises

Improve your company’s cash flow through successful trade debt management. CreditLine can help you with this. CreditLine is our credit insurance solution, which has been developed together with the credit insurer, Coface. CreditLine has been especially developed for small and medium-sized enterprises, and is a response to the preferences and requirements of businesses which are active both nationally and internationally. More information and a online quotation is only available in Dutch.

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