Cybercrime insurance

Cybercrime insurance

The right protection in the digital age


Protection against cybercrime

In a world where digital presence is critical for businesses, cyber attacks such as viruses, hacks, and ransomware are a growing threat. These digital threats can lead to downtime of your business operations, data loss, and significant reputational damage. Cybercrime insurance through VLC & Partners not only provides financial coverage against these risks, but also provides support from a team of experienced professionals to repair and mitigate the damage.

Why choose for a cybercrime insurance?

The risks associated with cybercrime are as real today as the loss of physical assets. Awareness of cyber risks and proper protection are necessary to protect your business from these modern threats.


Cybercrime insurance coverages.

With cybercrime insurance, you are covered for a wide range of incidents and their consequences, including:

   Forensics: Costs of investigating the cyber attack and determining the extent of the damage.

   Communications costs: Cost of informing providers, customers, regulators, and other stakeholders.

✓    Crisis management: Costs for reputation restoration and PR campaigns to mitigate image damage.

✓    Customer support: Assistance through, for example, a call center to support customers after an incident.

   System security consulting: Cost of improving the security of your systems to prevent future attacks.

✓    Ransom fees: If a ransom is paid to release hostage data.

   Security consulting: Assistance from a specialized security consulting firm.

✓    Sales loss: Compensation for loss in both online and offline sales.

✓    Repair and recovery: Cost of restoring websites, programs or data.

✓    Stolen software or data: Costs associated with the theft of intellectual property or personal data.

✓    Individual claims: Costs of claims made by individuals as a result of leaks of personal information.

✓    Fines and fees: Costs of fines imposed by regulators and other mandatory fees.

✓    Content damage: Costs if your digital content violates copyright, spreads libel or contains a virus.

The exact coverage and terms of cybercrime insurance may vary depending on the provider and your specific business situation. It is important to work with an advisor to assess your needs and choose an insurance policy that provides the right protection against the digital risks your business may face.


Personalized advice and customization

Every business is unique, and with it the cyber risks to which it is exposed. Contact the expert advisors at VLC & Partners for a detailed risk assessment and a customized insurance solution. Together, we'll make sure your business is protected from the effects of cybercrime so you can focus on what really matters: running your business successfully.