Claims services
Claims services

Claims services

Professional and specialist claims handling

The benefits at a glance

Analysis of trends in relation to compensation claims and causes

Reports on the financial implications of losses which are not covered

The deployment of a specialist team can reduce the costs incurred for handling claims

Support and assistance for your compensation claims

Our Claims Services Consultants provide professional support and assistance for dealing with claims and obtaining compensation. You may run the risk of being held liable, of a loss not being covered by your insurance or of a counterparty’s claim falling under your policy’s excess. In addition, you may suffer a loss which was caused by another party without your involvement. Our Claims Services Consultants are happy to carry out the entire claims handling process for you. This will save you valuable time and you will know immediately where you staned. We can also make the damage cost of any loss manageable and we contribute to the protection of your brand and reputation.


Claims handling and recovery

We can deal with a claim for you which is not covered or which falls under your excess and finalise it in a manner that is as beneficial for you as possible. We will provide you with an indication in advance as to whether it would be of financial benefit to you to have a claim dealt with. Where there is any question of a loss that you have suffered which has been occasioned by another party without any fault on your part, that party or their insurer will be required to provide compensation. We can recover such loss for you.

Usually, we only charge you for part of the costs we incur for recovering employer's or material losses. The amount of such costs will depend on the complexity of your claim for compensation and the anticipated lead time of the case. Our claims handling fee for injury compensation must be paid by the party who is liable in accordance with the law. We recover our claims handling fee from that party, with the result that the service is entirely free of charge in most cases.