Human resources support
Human resources support
Human resources support

Your partner in relation to staffing risks

Human resources support

The benefits at a glance

Improve your knowledge through workshops or training

We relieve you of work, giving you more time for other matters

Provide an employment benefit mix

You work in a dynamic environment in which many tax and labour regulations apply that are amended regularly. In addition, you have to contend with a highly flexible labour market and an ageing society. Within your company you are also the person who is (or is also) responsible for your staff's employment benefit mix. You determine which issues matter and what does to a lesser extent. In this respect, at least consider matters such as a good pension plan, an income facility in the case of sickness but also the implementation of a policy towards the elderly within your organisation. As your strategic partner for pensions but also in support of your human resources department, we are there for you. We can help you on various fronts, on the one hand, by improving your knowledge and, on the other, by relieving you of work.

Human resources communication scan

The Pension Communications Act [Wet Pensioencommunicatie] revolves around the pension participant. Communication concerning pensions and other insurable employment benefits is complex. The participants – your employees – must be informed properly about the pension plan and other insurable employment benefits, addressing their personal situation.

As such, it is imperative not only that you communicate fully with your staff but also at appropriate points in time. With the aid of the human resources communication scan, you will know within several minutes whether your communication with your staff is in order and where any potential for improvement is to be found. We can help you draw up a communication plan and implement it.

Note: the HR communicationscan is only available in Dutch.

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Improve your knowledge

Improve your knowledge by attending tailored workshops or training dealing with subjects such as the operation of our pension system, for example, or recent developments and their impact on your plan. We can also assist you in the case of an acquisition or the integration of business units, or perhaps to harmonise pension plans.

In order to support you in your work, we offer to produce a handbook. It will clearly set out what you need to do and when in situations such as an employee’s commencement and termination of employment, a change in their marital status, sickness, occupational incapacity or the death of an employee or their partner.

We can also relieve you of your work. In this respect, consider the communication of any change to your pension plan (or its members). In addition, we are happy to check on the pension administrator’s processing. 

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Joris Kuenen

Joris Kuenen

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