SME business service desk
SME business service desk

SME business service desk

A single service desk for advice and insurance

The benefits at a glance

A special team for SMEs

Broking and the management of insurance and other solutions

Unique insurance options for medical practitioners

Your SME business risks under control


We have set up an SME business service desk especially for SME business people. Our consultants can identify any risks together with you. In this respect consider business risks such as liability, those in and around a building (losses due to a fire or storm), transport and events. By controlling business risks you can make your company future-proof. We can provide you with an insight into your risks and help you to minimise them. When it comes to insurance, many insurers provide standard packages. However, we look further. Together with you, we examine what your requirements are and then we get down to work. In addition, we have unique insurance alternatives for medical practitioners.


Healthcare: specially for medical practitioners

If you are a pharmacist, dentist, doctor or veterinary surgeon, we are happy to help you with your insurance and other solutions. We explore, avoid and, where necessary, insure. In this order. As such, risk assessment goes beyond insurable risks.


SME business service desk: business people are key

In addition to caring for your business, we can also provide you with personal advice. We are happy to provide you with advice in relation to your work and income. In this respect, consider occupational incapacity, financial planning or pension advice for directors-cum-major shareholders. Naturally, we also have insurance options for private individuals covering homes, transport, leisure and art.


Successful trade debt management with CreditLine

Improve your company’s cash flow through successful trade debt management. CreditLine can help you with this. CreditLine is our credit insurance, which has been produced together with the credit insurer, Coface. CreditLine has been especially developed for small and medium-sized enterprises, and is a response to the preferences and requirements of businesses which are active both nationally and internationally. More information (only available in Dutch)