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Work Equipment

In construction, agriculture, and many other industries, work equipment such as excavators, forklifts, and aerial work platforms form the backbone of daily operations. These assets pose unique risks, not only for property and intangible damage they can cause, but also for damage to the equipment itself. VLC & Partners' work equipment insurance provides a customized solution to cover these risks.

Work equipment insurance coverage

Work equipment insurance protects against unforeseen costs due to:

✓ Damage to the work equipment itself, including self-propelled agricultural and work equipment.

✓ Damage caused by work equipment, such as to cables, pipes, conduits, and underground property.

✓ Personal injury caused by work equipment.

T-driving license: Since July 1, 2015, a T-driving license is required to drive a limited-speed motor vehicle (MMBS) on public roads. This directly affects the insurance of work equipment.


Key features

  • WAM obligation: As the owner of self-propelled work equipment, you are legally obliged to insure against damage caused to others, even if the equipment is only used on your own property.
  • International coverage: The insurance applies not only in the Netherlands, but also throughout the Benelux countries, Germany and France, making it an ideal choice for companies operating across borders.
  • Fully comprehensive coverage: For damage to the equipment itself, in addition to the liability coverage, you can also opt for comprehensive coverage with the Property damage insurance tools.
  • Own fault coverage: For work equipment younger than 7 years old, damage caused by an own fault of the equipment is usually also covered (excluding wear and tear).


Why VLC & Partners?

At VLC & Partners, we understand the complexity and diversity of risks inherent in the use of work equipment. Our work equipment insurance is designed to provide appropriate protection tailored to the practices of your business. We offer not only mandatory liability coverage, but also comprehensive options to fully protect your work equipment investment.

Whether your business relies on a single forklift or owns an extensive arsenal of specialized work equipment, VLC & Partners' work equipment insurance provides the protection you need to operate with confidence. Contact our experts for a customized insurance solution.