Explore, avoid and, where necessary, insure

Risk management gives you a grip on risks

Risk management is more than just insurance. By providing insight into your risks, you will discover the possible threats to your company. On the other hand, a good understanding of risks also creates new opportunities and possibilities. If you know the risks related to your company, you are also able to take the right measures. VLC & Partners is pleased to help you set up a proper risk management under the motto "explore, prevent, insure". VLC & Partners therefore created its own risk model, which enables companies to take the right steps in order to achieve good risk management.

Good risk management enables you to seize opportunities and focus on the future. VLC & Partners understands that entrepreneurs like to look ahead.

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Specialisation in risk management
As a trusted risk advisor, we stand next to you. Our risk specialists have knowledge of your industry. Together, we explore, prevent or reduce risks. And where necessary, we insure them. We give business risks a face in the sectors of Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, ICT, Business services, Trade, Construction and Leisure. We have set up the SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) Business Desk for our SME customers. In this way, we are building far-reaching specialisation and a solid foundation. We are happy to help you manage risks so that you may focus on the opportunities which arise for your company. 

Risk management according to VLC & Partners
VLC & Partners has its own vision for managing risks. Together with the people within your organisation, the risk advisors provide insight into the risks with a thorough risk analysis. With this risk assessment, the next steps may also be taken more easily. Often, risks may be reduced by taking the right preventive measures. In addition, it may also be interesting to consider bearing certain risks yourself as a company. The risks that remain can then be placed at insurers by VLC & Partners. As a risk manager, we do this not only for your company in the Netherlands but also for foreign branches. For several relations, VLC & Partners manages the international insurance programmes. Read more about our risk management approach in the Risk Management e-paper (only in Dutch).


Frequently asked questions

What is risk management?

From large to small, every company has to deal with business risks. A sound risk management policy ensures that the risks become transparent and can be restricted, prevented or insured on the basis of this analysis. Risk management is therefore an important element in the continuity of a company. Read more about risk management in oure-paper

Why identifying risks?

By regularly mapping out the business risks, you will raise awareness, among other things. Without first being aware of the risks, they cannot be restricted or prevented. It is therefore essential to carry out a thorough risk analysis in order to subsequently estimate the risks to the correct value and to be able to take measures.

Why is risk management so important?

By understanding (the impact of risks), a company is able to make the right choices. In the current insurance climate, risk management is also indispensable with a view to (future) insurability. The hardened and consolidated insurance market requires a periodic evaluation of the risk management policy, including prevention, risk appetite and resilience (deductibles). Read more about risk management on our website

Our approach



In order to become aware of the possible risks, we offer the Risk Scan. It identifies some forty risks for your company, the staff and management or directors.



Thanks to the Risk Scan you may, together with your personal risk manager, determine which risks you may reduce or prevent. And which you want to insure.



Your risk manager takes care of customisation, without double or missing insurances. And thanks to our annual check, your risk approach is always up to date.