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What is a pension?

For an employee, the pension is deferred pay. During the active employment, part of the pay is withheld until the retirement date and paid into a pension savings account with a pension insurer or pension fund. After the active employment, this pension savings account is converted into a periodic lifelong income for the (now ex-) employee. A pension is therefore one of the most important terms of employment in addition to income, holidays, study and career opportunities.

A pension is also an important term of employment for an employer. With a broad pension scheme, an employer may profile himself on the labour market. For example, a pension scheme may help the company in recruiting employees. A good pension scheme can also bind employees so that they are less likely to look for another employer. The concept of good employment practices plays an important role in this, as how do you see your social role? Are you setting up a maximum scheme? What do you arrange for the surviving relatives? What and when do you communicate with your employees? As an employer, you will ultimately look for a good balance between rewarding employees and keeping staff costs manageable.

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Pension advice

Develop a pension plan that aligns with your business vision and ensures your employees' security. Our pension advisors are ready to design a pension strategy that is tailored and aligned with your vision. As your strategic partner in HR, pension, and absence management, we commit ourselves to realizing a pension solution that perfectly matches your total employee benefits package.

There are three moments when our expert pension advice can serve your business:

  1. Constructing a New Pension Plan:
    Explore the possibilities within your industry with us. Whether a mandatory scheme applies or not, we gladly assist you in assembling both a basic and an excess pension plan, ensuring your employees reap the optimum benefits from a pension that suits them.
  2. Extending Pension Contracts:
    We monitor contract terms and ensure seamless extension or transition to another pension provider, always prioritizing continuity for your employees.
  3. Adapting to Changing Circumstances:
    Whether it's legal changes, modified market conditions, or harmonizing employment conditions during mergers and acquisitions, our team is ready to keep pension schemes flexible and compliant.

Expertise in Actuarial Calculations and BPF Research
Furthermore, we can support you with actuarial calculations. We can also perform a BPF study for you, which is crucial when the activities within your organization have changed. Lastly, you can also rely on us for both individual and collective value transfers.

Your vision, Our expertise
With our expertise and personal approach, we assist you in establishing a pension plan that not only meets today's requirements but also anticipates the future. VLC & Partners collaborates with you, anticipates, and provides solutions that match the needs of your business AND your employees. Together, we create a robust, future-proof pension solution. Together, we form a winning combination for your business’s pension management.

New Pension System
In May 2023, the Senate approved a new, more transparent pension system. As your strategic HR partner, based on calculating one or more scenarios, we show you the potential consequences for you as an employer AND what the possible impact for individual employees might be. Here, we involve the works council or employee representation early on so that the eventual changes are widely supported. If you want more information about the new pension system, please visit our website. There is a difference whether your pension scheme is implemented by a pension fund or an insurer.

Pension communication

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult for employees to have and maintain a good overview of their pension. Although the employee receives the Pension 1-2-3 and the Uniform Pension Overview, this does not always provide the desired insight. Many employees now have several pension schemes, sometimes with retirement ages 65, 67 and 68 and an AOW (General Old Age Pensions Act) pension that starts at 67 years and 6 months, for example. We therefore anticipate that the need for pension communication will only increase. The VLC Employee Portal supports communication. On their phone, tablet or simply on the PC, your employees have 24/7 insight into their personal situation.

Step-by-step plan Pension Advice


Taking stock

First of all, we will take stock of your initial wishes, objectives, knowledge & experience, risk appetite and financial position in relation to the pension scheme. At this stage, it is important to determine your vision on the pension.



We then analyse the data, files and financial surveys received and calculate one or more scenarios in order to test future affordability.



In this phase, we combine the inventoried principles and analyses carried out and convert them into a personal advice; an appropriate pension scheme with an appropriate pension provider.
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