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HR Manager Task Package

A lot is being asked of an HR manager these days. They are not only responsible for the staff policy and its implementation, but they are also the link between the management and the employees. As a result, the role of an HR manager is complicated, where the trust of employees in the HR manager is crucial. 

We understand that certain files do not get the attention they deserve. For example, the absenteeism file and the pension agreement are high on the agenda of most HR managers, but there is a chance that these urgent files will remain on the agenda. Understandable! Because the elaboration and implementation of files takes time. If an HR manager wants to implement structural improvements, investments will have to be made. More and more often, we see that companies are using external assistance for this. 

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HR themes
VLC & Partners employs several consultants with a variety of specialities. As a result, we are able to assist employers not only on files that are close to our insurance advisory practice, but we also look much further than just the insurance. In our opinion, a good pension scheme goes beyond being an important secondary condition of employment. It is a means to retain existing employees and to be distinctive compared to competitors in the fight for qualified staff. In addition, a good absenteeism policy offers the opportunity to save on absenteeism costs and is part of your sustainable employability policy.

Finally, as VLC & Partners, we also cooperate with parties when it comes to highly specialised matters. For example, we have a participation in the occupational health and safety service Vitaal Ondernemen. They not only offer occupational health and safety services, but also take over control of the reintegration process from you. Another example is our acquisition of ENgage employer advice. ENgage is the specialist in the field of burden of loss management in case of illness and incapacity for work.


Step-by-step plan for Strategic Omission Management

Stap 1


Healthy, vital employees perform better, are less absent and are more involved in their organisation. With preventive care, an employer has more influence on this than he thinks and he may prevent expensive absenteeism. 

Stap 2


An employer may employ interventions to prevent absenteeism on the one hand and to reduce absenteeism on the other. It is important to select the right interventions and use them at the right time. 

Stap 3

Curative care

Alas! Absenteeism due to illness is unavoidable. But by focusing well on reintegration, the extent of the absence may be reduced considerably.  

Stap 4

After care

If an employee has recovered, it is important to continue to provide aftercare to prevent the employee from falling back and having to report sick again. There are also various solutions for this.  

Stap 5


It is important to engage in conversation with the employees at all times. First of all, to have them seriously follow the preventive measures.  But it is also very important in later phases to engage and stay in conversation with the employees. The employee feels understood and will do everything possible to prevent repetition. 

Did you know?

HR data

Data have a predictive effect which allows you to anticipate changes more quickly.

Shrinking labour market

The labour market will shrink in the coming years. Each year there are 10% more pensioners and 15% fewer young people entering.

Investing in omission policy pays off

HR spends an average of 4 hours a week supervising a long-term ill employee.

Pensions are rising again

As a result of rising interest rates, many pension funds are raising pensions again this year.

HR - Agenda 2022



Medium-sized and large companies will receive the WHK decision 2023 at the end of November. Check it well. In many cases, you may save a lot of money.