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Insure passenger cars, commercial vehicles, or vans

In the world of business, mobility is crucial. Whether it's passenger cars, commercial vehicles, or vans, each vehicle plays a key role in your day-to-day business operations. VLC & Partners' commercial vehicle insurance offers complete protection for your business vehicles, so you can focus on what really matters: your business.

Tailored advice

Every business is unique, which is why together we consider which coverage best suits your specific situation, taking into account the age and value of the vehicle. Damage to commercial vehicles can have far-reaching consequences, especially if your business relies heavily on its vehicles.

Company vehicle insurance coverage

Company car insurance or business auto insurance is specifically designed to meet the needs of business owners. You have a choice of three different coverages:

  • Third Party Liability (TPL): This coverage is required by law and pays for damage caused by your vehicle to others.
  • Limited Comprehensive: In addition to the third-party coverage, it provides protection against certain types of damage to your own vehicle, such as theft, fire, storm, and windshield breakage.
  • Comprehensive (All-risk): The most comprehensive coverage that covers damage to your own vehicle from a collision, for example, in addition to the risks of TPL and Limited Comprehensive coverage, regardless of who is at fault


Business car insurance benefits.

✓ New Value Scheme: Enjoy a new value scheme of 3 years for business cars and 1 year for vans, with a favorable depreciation scheme for the following 2 years.

✓ No-claims plan: Keep your premium low on no-fault claims thanks to this plan.

✓ Reimbursement for replacement transportation: In case of vehicle theft, this provision ensures that your business operations do not come to a halt.

✓ Fleet insurance: For businesses with multiple vehicles, fleet insurance offers oversight and often additional discounts on premiums.


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Company vehicle insurance is more than a legal requirement; it's an investment in the continuity and stability of your business. Whether you have a single commercial vehicle or a sizeable fleet, VLC & Partners offers the protection you need to hit the road with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial vehicle insurance and how we can insure your business mobility.

Note: Don't forget to include the value of any accessories, lettering, and cargo. These extras are essential for full protection of your business vehicles. Our advisors are ready to help you put together an insurance policy that fits your needs perfectly.