Cybermatters I Risk management

The benefits at a glance

A knowledge of all of the facets of ICT

An implementation and strategic plan can ensure that such guidelines are up-to-date

The many facets of cyberrisks

Cybercrime is a real risk. The question is not whether but when your business will be affected by it. Organisations and institutions are targeted by cybercriminals every day. Everything starts with an awareness of cyberrisks and, in addition, the rollout of preventive measures, so as to ensure that your business operations are not endangered. Whether human error on the part of your own staff is involved or an external attack on your IT systems, the consequences of cyberintervention may not be underestimated. And what should you be thinking of then?

  • Customer or patient data which falls into the public domain?
  • Your administrative records which are taken hostage by malware and, as such, are not accessible?
  • Production processes that grind to a halt due to the malfunction of mission critical systems or the disruption of online or other services?
  • Your data being traded?
  • Your precarious situation being covered in the national daily newspapers and magazines?

Our Risk Managers are familiar with the consequences, the measures and insurance policies, and are happy to identify these together with you.


Unique cyberinsurance solution

Cyberrisks under control

We work in accordance with the principle, ‘explore, avoid and, when necessary, insure’. Together we explore the existing situation. Which cyberrisks exist and where are they to be found? Can we avoid or control these risks? Is your data properly secured? Have your staff been properly instructed as to how to deal with phishing email messages? By defining the risks and indicating where they exist within your organisation, it becomes possible to adopt appropriate preventive measures. Are technical adjustments required or legal measures? By making staff aware of their own role, it is possible to reduce everyday risks. Yet, in spite of all preventive measures, there is always a residual risk. Ultimately, you decide yourself which risks you are willing and able to bear.

Our solution

We offer a unique solution for those risks which you do not wish to bear. Our Cyber Insurance Policy provides cover for the cost of research, investigation, remedial work, communication and public relations. In addition, there is even cover for the costs which you incur for reconstruction, the recovery of data or rendering your system free of viruses. Perhaps the most important part of our cybersolution is your own Cyber Incident Manager, who gives you permanent professional assistance in the case of a data breach (or the suspicion of one). And this is without a deductible.

Note: the calculate programme is only available in Dutch.


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