Care and omission
Care and omission

Care and omission

Get a grip on your omission costs

Omission management

In short, omission management is the package of measures that an organisation takes to minimise omission and omission costs. Omission management consists of many components. Some examples of these are:

  • A vision in the field of sustainable employability
  • Establishing a health policy
  • An omission policy and an omission protocol
  • Omission prevention
  • A group health insurance

In addition, omission registration, the contracting of an occupational health and safety service and the choice of whether or not to carry some risk oneself are also important parts of omission management. And although data and ICT are traditionally not the domain of the people-oriented HR manager, such ‘hard’ side has meanwhile become an indispensable part. As an HR manager, you are after all a business partner for the management and finance. If HR wants to be a serious discussion partner for the CEO, the discussions will have to take place not only on the basis of gut feeling, but also on the basis of ‘hard’ figures. After all, you need data to substantiate your arguments. For example, data analysis may help the HR manager to draw up an effective omission policy. 

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Investing in omission pays off
A lot of money is involved in omission. A sick employee costs € 200,- up to € 400,- a day. Including replacement and reintegration the costs may even double. With a well-designed process and an active omission management, you may not only save a lot of money, it may also make you money. A sick employee, the recruitment and training of a replacement is after all associated with loss of production. If you are able to reduce omission in your organisation by means of targeted investments, the knife cuts both ways for you. 1% less omission may then simply yield 1% more profit.

Convenience and low costs for SMEs
We understand that omission management in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) requires a different approach than for companies in the large business market. That is why we focus on convenience, speed and low costs in our advice to SMEs, while in the large business market we focus more on the strategic side of omission management. 

Strategic omission management
Within our omission management programme, we focus both on the employer and the employee. In this way, we help employers to avoid unnecessary costs in the event of illness and incapacity for work. Think of our strategic omission management programme, but also of the financing choice of carrying some risk oneself. In addition, we assist employers in preventing unnecessary omission. Among other things, by helping with prevention programmes and by setting up a financial safety net in the event of the employee's long-term absence or unexpected incapacity for work.

Your strategic HR partner
As a strategic partner for HR, pension and omission, we support you by, among other things, increasing your knowledge of omission and taking work off your hands. We work together with Vitaal Ondernemen to provide optimal omission support. Vitaal Ondernemen not only offers occupational health and safety services, but also takes over the management of the reintegration process from you.

Focus points organisation in case of high omission

Focus points organisation in case of high omission

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Are you having to deal with (too) high omission and would you like to know more about how you may reduce your omission? Please contact one of the consultants below. They will be happy to talk to you.