Are you keeping pace with change?

The benefits at a glance

A concrete expression of the risks to which your business is exposed

A knowledge of all of the facets of the healthcare sector

A wide-ranging customer network within the healthcare sector


Tailored advice on risks

The sector which revolves around privacy-sensitive information

Risks occur in the healthcare sector which are unique to it. Patients are more outspoken, while the media and the political establishment are monitoring the healthcare sector. Cyberrisks and privacy legislation are having the effect of tightening processes within the healthcare sector. One has to prove oneself more than ever. Images are vulnerable and the chance of a liability claim is considerable. Due to developments within the healthcare sector, you find it necessary to adopt a properly considered approach to risk management. 

In the healthcare sector risk management is still frequently viewed as a compliance-driven tool. The regulatory authorities are usually decisive in this respect and policy focuses on compliance with external guidelines. Nevertheless, genuine risk management means that risks are taken following close consideration and are proactively controlled. You do not contend with them on your own. Within your sector our consultants focus on organisations within the mental health regime, healthcare for the disabled and hospitals. The rules and regulations of those organisations are second nature to our consultants. 


Our services in the healthcare sector

Our consultants are familiar with all aspects of the changing risk landscape within the healthcare sector. They are able to express the risks to which your organisation is exposed in concrete terms quickly and carefully. How can they do this? Thanks to a large customer network within your sector, we are able to produce benchmarks and to provide you with tailored advice on risks.

What market developments do we see and what can we do for you? In this respect consider developments such as decentralisation, robotisation and home automation. Based on an extensive risk analysis, we can identify your risks and provide you with a bespoke solution. In this way we can help you to manage your risks and to ensure the continuity of your organisation.