Do you have an overview of the complexity of the risks?

The benefits at a glance

A concrete expression of the risks to which your business is exposed

A knowledge of all of the facets of the construction industry

A wide-ranging customer network within the construction industry


Tailored advice on risks

Allowing your business to grow securely

Sustainability and energy savings are current issues in the construction industry. The issues of innovation and automation also remain important to you, if you wish to retain your competitive position and cut costs. This demands strict risk management, in which contract and credit management play a major role, amongst other things.

The rules and regulations of the construction industry are second nature to our consultants in this sector. Because of the diversity of the parties involved (such as contractors, subcontractors, investors and architects), you have to contend with significant complexity in relation to liability and contract management. We understand such complexity more than anyone else. Our advice extends beyond mere insurance solutions. You will receive advice from us concerning contracts for specific domestic and foreign projects, from dam walls in London to metro stations in Qatar.



Our services in the construction sector

Our consultants are familiar with all of the facets of the construction industry. They are able to express the risks to which your organisation is exposed in concrete terms quickly and carefully. In this respect our consultants are supported by engineers, claims experts and lawyers. Together they represent the entire spectrum of customers from consultancy to the administrative processing of insurance and other contracts. In this way we provide extensive quality and tailored service. This enables you to do what you are good at: doing business.